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Teacher’s obscene pics get leaked on adult website, lies to police to hide cheating!

A teacher had her pictures uploaded on the internet which were obviously questionable and later she actually lied about those pictures and tried to miss inform the police in order to hide her cheating. She was a teacher and also a mother, during the criminal investigation she pleaded guilty to an amended charge in hampering the investigation of police and misleading them into a scenario of theft and picture leak. The woman actually had reported to the police about the theft of her mobile phone which caused her pictures to be leaked online and she made such a claim in order to hide her cheating activities from the husband. However, as we all know that Karma actually gets back to person, sooner or Later, so the same happened to the woman.

Jaime Climie, 37, of Lynn Avenue in West Chester Twp., attended her heating in Butler County Area III Court and she pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and The Fourth-degree misdemeanour which was all the part of the plea bargain. The woman was originally charged with playing a role of obstruction in the path of justice which was dropped later and because of that that she would have ended up for a 90 days period behind bars.

It was on November 24th when West Chester police were called by a woman and then she asked to file a report regarding a theft. At that time Climie claimed that she could not find her cell phone and that it had been stolen. She further told the police and recorded a statement that the phone had some of the obscene photos which too were leaked by the thief. The police investigated the case they found that the picture which got uploaded on the Internet was actually taken from the reportedly stolen phone. However, soon after carrying out the investigation the police found out that Climie actually misled them into the investigation and she was lying about the entire process just because she had cheated on her husband. So, later she admitted sending the photograph herself to someone who later uploaded it on the internet. Climie actually resigned from her teaching position at the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy on Snider Road.

It should be reported that the obscene pictures were uploaded to the revenge adult site where a lot of hackers and other people upload images/videos for sake of taking revenge.

Image cropped for keeping it SFW!

Judge Dan Haughey gave Climie a suspended 10-day jail sentence for the disorderly conduct charge. She was ordered to pay a $200 fine plus $125 in court costs. The judge placed Climie on two-year non-reporting probation. – reported Journal-News

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