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Teen Girl likely pretending to be 18, needs a “Lil Daddy” & wants to be reprimanded, defines real-girls

OMG! The way she defined real girls while still being in high school says a lot about our social gap and downfall. Kids and teenagers are like a plain paper, ready to be written on with the pen of surrounding company and people. The upbringing of kids is an important part because precocious habits are hard to be left behind. The kids learn things quickly and they aren’t judgmental about the society like the grown-ups, instead, they believe in trying and doing.

A lot of things need aversion and should be lived with dignity. The women seeking equal rights and the men giving them equal opportunities without gender discrimination is the same thing as dignity. It’s necessary for both to realise the differences and omit them in the best of the ways.

This Tinder profile of a teenager is surely going to give you goosebumps and you won’t want your kid to act like this in near future.

I think it’s time that we start getting eerie of such things because these kids are going to knit the society of the future. If the strands pulling them together aren’t strong enough then as a nation we might fail. The high-handedness of teens today in the name of fun can be devastating for the future even if that isn’t making things look bad at the moment. The parents must be able to make kids realise the difference between the good and bad.

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