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Teen Mother videotapes ‘molestation assault’ on her infant son, faces sanity test

Sometimes it gets hard to understand the reason behind people doing such insane acts. This mother was caught after she filmed herself assaulting her own son who is yet an infant. Now, this might seem quite an awkward update to share with our audience but still, the focus should be kept on the fact that it actually happened. There might be other people who might be doing something similar without realising the absurd effects of their actions being left on the mind of the young victims involved.

Whenever we think of the word mother, we only come across a human figure who is not only caring but can also give everything she owns for sake of her own child. The mother is a sort of human which anyone can believe and look onto at any stage of the life. It’s quite unbelievable for a mother to assault her own child.

Unfortunately, there is a division of people and not every mother can be deemed equal in mentality and status. There might be some women who can actually commit a crime with their own flesh and blood. Jazmine Nichole Pacyga is accused of first-degree criminal molestation assault over her own child. She is also accused of manufacturing child abusive material. There was a man involved with this mother who enticed her to perform the act on her child and to send the video to him through the internet. The man is also being charged with enticing the woman and making her believe in committing a senseless crime.

Muskegon County Circuit Court listened to the case of the Pacyga who is 20 years old at the moment. However, shortly during the hearing, the court ordered the woman to be sent to the Regional Psychiatric Hospital. The court wanted the woman to be assessed for the criminal responsibility. The assessment’s result will confirm the court if the mother was legally insane while she committed the assault on her own child.

Pacyga during the court hearing accepted the fact that she did obscene acts with her own infant son. The baby was 5-month old and we can’t produce here the details of the act because of the family safe nature of the website. According to the reports, there is a petition filed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the petition alleged that the home was unsafe for the victim baby because of the drunkenness and neglect.

The amount of the sentence for the woman would be announced by the court based on the guidelines of the state. Due to the investigation carried out in the case of the Pacyga, Nathan Eric Osborne, a 32-year-old guy, was charged with the involvement in spreading and publishing of the child unsafe content.

The guy has to face a minimum of 15 years of jail time because of the exploitation of the minors and filming them in obscene conditions in order to earn some bucks.

Specifically, the defendant used, or procured or caused the use of, a five-month-old infant in creating live video of Jazmine Pacyga performing an oral obscene act on the children, and had the live video image transmitted to him via the internet – reads the court indictment against Mr Nathan

This is the third time Mr Nathan is being prosecuted. He’s a habitual offender now.

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