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Teenager auctions her virginity for £2.2million & says she’ll spend it on her tuition

A teenager claims to have sold her virginity to the highest bid which came from a businessman in Abu Dhabi. The highest bid was around 2.2 million pounds and it was like a dream come true for the teenager. She claims to be using the money for travelling and paying her tuition fees.

An unnamed businessman apparently made the highest offer of around dollar 3 million and outbid the Hollywood celebrity and the Russian politician. The mirror reported all these facts.

The girl was interviewed, a 19yo American, Giselle set that she never had it in her wildest of her dreams that the bid would rise so high and that she would be able to reach 2.5 million euros. The girl seemed to be quite happy with selling her virginity. “Selling The virginity shouldn’t be thought as a Taboo and it is bad that people are against allowing a woman to sell it“, further added the teenager.

If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision.” – said the girl

Giselle Posing

The hotel where the job will be done has already been booked in Germany and the encounter of the Businessman and Giselle is about to happen there. Giselle will be accompanied by security and she can change her mind anytime.

The corporate company named Cinderella escorts have been quite popular for taking advantage of the girls who are willing to auction there innocence. Dutch girl named ‘Lola’ who offered her virginity through Cinderella escorts but then she turned off her profile and her mother accused the website of erroneous practices.

Giselle said that the entire process made he free both legally and socially!

The mother said that her girl started to suffer from mental illness. Jan Zakobielski, 27yo man behind German website, told the media that it is quite natural for the mother to justify the removal of the profile from the website through all dubious manners.
He tried to defend the website in the most positive way he further added that it is quite unlikely for anyone to think that the girl had mental problems after watching her promo video.

The website and the company, Cinderella escorts earned the worldwide fame when a Romanian model who was 18 years old auctioned her Innocence for 2.3 million euros. Her buyer was based in Hong Kong and was a businessman.

In order to run smoothly the website keeps 20% commission of every sale as a fee for providing the platform for auction.

Don’t forget the watch her interview and message below:

This is what Giselle says about the sale and the entire auction practice. Do you support her views? The video got compiled by TalkOfWeb, a channel!

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