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Teens recreated “Mulan” and people think it’s oscarworthy

A group of teens from Oahu, Hawaii have recreated your most favourite iconic scene from the Mulan, “I’ll make a man out of you”. The internet already believes that the performance of these teens is at par with the one nominated for Oscar. The video has gone viral on the internet and people are sharing it with their friends to brighten up their day and memory.

How could we leave a trend alone while running Hard Comedy? We definitely had to publish an update about this story and bring it forward to our loyal fans. Watch the video re-make below:

The caption read, “three days, five broken sticks, a shoe and volleyball stuck in a tree, and 2883827274832 hours of bloopers ALL for a 38 second video — Micronesian Mulan”

Glenna Matauto, 17yo, was interviewed by BuzzFeed News and she told them that it was actually an assignment which she had to complete. She was told to re-create some movie scene and she knew that she had to recreate her favourite cartoons, Mulan.

She told BuzzFeed News that the entire cast for this project was between the age of 15 to 18 and it took three days along with the hard toil to reach the end product. She posted a load of the outtakes from the shoot to her Instagram – glennathegreat

After the shoot, she pushed her video online thinking that she might get some views, but to her surprise, the video racked up 7 million views in two days. People loved the remake.

Keep up the good work – wrote Audrey D. Hightower on twitter.”

world: you’re adults now, it’s time to grow – 90’s babies: nop. {quoted the video}” – wrote back0nmybs at Twitter

Hailee wrote that she saw the best thing and almost everyone praised the video.

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