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[Terrifying video] Dead Bowfin fish still fighting after being gutted and head chopped off!

Some months ago I watched some dead frogs dancing on the serving plate ready to be eaten which left a deep impact on my mind. The internet world was deeply shocked over the dead frog’s dance presentation. Most importantly the kids were left in an awe because as a youngster we are more inclined to believe in miracles.

Later I came to realise that there must be some scientific explanation of this orgy of awes and shocks. So, a little search on Google about the nerve re-activation after the brain in dead brought me to a page explaining this particular leg dance phenomenon in the frogs.

Dead frogs legs dancing

I came to know that sprinkling sodium on the legs of dead frogs triggers their nerves to move their leg muscles. So, in a way, I was satisfied with the explanation, until today, when I came across another horrific video more exciting than this frog leg animation.

This video shows a gutted and head chopped fish moving its tail in a ridiculous way. The first time this fish gave the response to being scaled I nearly died. Now, I don’t know the explanation of this phenomenon yet but I am pretty sure that these guys had chicken that night instead of this fish.

Some people on the internet gave an explanation that there was some salt on the table top which triggers such a behaviour in the fish. But if you watch closely, whenever the guy holds the fish by its tail in order to remove its scales, the same protective behaviour of escape is triggered by the fish.

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