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Texas Democrats crop Melania Trump out of photo from Barbara Bush’s Funeral

First Lady of the United States was cropped out of a photo before it was posted on social media by a Democratic Party official in Texas.

Cropped one!

The official has now apologized for posting a cropped-out photo of Melania Trump in which she posed with the former presidents and their wives at the former FLOTUS’ Barbara Bush’s funeral.

The uncropped/original picture was captured by the spokesman for the former President George H.W. Bush, which has gone viral since Sunday.

The picture shows Bush; his son; former President George W. Bush; former FLOTUS Laura Bush; former President Bill Clinton; his wife, Hillary Clinton; former President Barack Obama; his wife, Michelle Obama; and Melania Trump.

President Donald J. Trump was missing from the photo, because he was back home in Florida. The reports indicate that he was told that he was not wanted at the funeral.

The former FLOTUS passed away last week at the age of 92.

Cropped version of the photo was posted by Lubbock County Democratic Party HQ in Texas, which left out Melania Trump out of the photo.

Leo Flores, the vice chair, apologized by called it ‘an honest mistake.’

He said that he downloaded the photo from a Facebook post and didn’t notice that FLOTUS was cropped out of the photo.

He said that he later got busy and forgot to correct his mistake.

New caption was added to the picture which read: ‘I apologize for posting an incomplete picture.

‘I didn’t realize anyone was missing until it was pointed out.’

Facebook users did not feel his apology was truthful as it was not a mistake but a deliberate act.

‘Childish crop job,’ wrote one commenter.

‘We all know you did this on purpose,’ another Facebook user wrote.

‘Extremely pathetic.’

‘That is truly pathetic, to bring politics to a funeral, regardless of party. She had the decency to attend and show respect. What an awful snub, what awful mean people to do this!! Horrible.’

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