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Texas officer fatally shoots unarmed man walking with pants down

The nation is once again alarmed by the shooting of an unarmed man, who was running around half naked. A video of the dashcam of the shooting is released by The Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The black man was unarmed and was running without any pants was killed. All of it can be seen in the movie recorded through the dash cam. He tried getting them down on the ground but ultimately resolved to use a lethal force.

The black man was known to be a victim of depression and anxiety because his wife killed his two children by drowning them.

According to the police officer, he was told to remain calm and get down on the floor. But the behavior of the dead person seemed too dangerous which made him resolve the use of lethal force.

The dead were transferred to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Harris County sheriff Ed Gonzalez said at a news conference Monday that his department was taking the shooting “extremely seriously” and was conducting a “thorough, transparent and expeditious” investigation into the incident.

Gonzalez added that the Houston Police Department had launched its own probe since the shooting had occurred within city limits.

This opened up the debate on Black Lives Matter once again.

Here is the video, viewer discretion is advised.

The police officer is put on the administrative leave and inquiry is being done against him.

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