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The girl called as ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher’ has a sickening reality to reveal

The internet is a strange place where anyone can earn a fame in a matter of seconds just because of its ever-growing audience size. Now everyone has a social media profile and they use it for a larger portion of the day. Almost everyone is connected in a way or the other so sometimes these connections are exploited for good but on the other times, the same connections made through social media can be detrimental to the society as well as to the information media. There are a lot of memes rotating on the social media with the wrong kind of captions which actually have ruined the lives of the people featured in those pictures.

Something similar of nature has happened a few days back, a video of a teacher, teaching maths to her students went viral and the internet was in a hurry to identify the person behind that video since the teacher was quite beautiful. During those efforts of people trying to find social media profile of the girl who was teaching students in a classroom, the entire internet bumped into the profile of a girl which was quite similar in face and other physical features to the girl in that viral video.

After watching the above video now have a look at these pictures of the girl which the internet found because of similarity in both faces and physique.

Oksana Neveselaya was thought to be the teacher behind the viral video. The Instagram profile of the Oksana Neveselaya earned quite a lot of followers because of that particular identification of her as a teacher. However, soon it was revealed by the news agencies that Oksana Neveselaya was actually a student and she was merely 17 years old. However, it was claimed on some news websites. The reality and connection of the “World’s Hottest Math” teacher’s viral video with the Oksana Neveselaya is still unknown. There are a lot of people on her profile which actually think her the same girl.

Well, The mirror quoted her as a student and told in a news report that Oksana Neveselaya is not good at maths.

However, we’ll leave the decision to our audience, you guys can think both girls to be the same. We’ve included the video of the teacher and also embeded the videos and pictures of the girl. Is it a case of stolen identity? Let’s wait, if we’ve an interview of this girl, only then we can find the reality.

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