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Bizarre Thief makes ‘fake baby’ out of a bra to steal from a bargain store

A creative thief uses a strange strategy to steal things from a bargain store. This teenage thief makes a fake baby out of a bra cup and a cuddly toy in order to make a fool out of the employees of the store. The goal was to steal from the discount store.

This girl, 18yo, used the child’s boggy to hide her loot, she walked around the store with a fake baby. There was, in fact, no baby in the pram, it was a mere stuffed toy with a woman bra-cup as head of the baby. She had drawn facial features of a baby on the cup to portray it as a real toddler. Safrron Curtiss-McGinty used a toy dog to give the ploy a complete shape.

The staff of B&M store got suspicious of the girl and they couldn’t help but to check out the reality. The store located at Stratford Road, Solihull attracts a lot of customers due to the discount offers. They stopped miss Curtiss-McGinty but she slapped the store manager in resistance. The manager soon found out hidden scented candles, sweets and an electric toothbrush which was stolen from the store.

The police were called to the store and they arrested the teen immediately. It was found that she had stolen from the same store before using a different scheme. She admitted two counts of shoplifting. The CCTV footage revealed her stealing from the same store a day before. The teen was given 12 months of community order.

The police officer shared his opinions on the incident:

She won’t be winning any awards for her artwork, that’s for sure. I guess her baby portrait could be politely described as abstract. We have known thieves try to use a child’s buggy before to conceal stolen items, it’s a tactic police and retailers are well aware of, but I’ve never come across a case of anyone making their own child.

Previously the same case was reported in which a woman walks in with a baby pram and shoplifts at B&M Bargains

Merseyside Police have issued CCTV images of a woman they would like to speak to after she stole items from B&M using a original baby in pram

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