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This 12yo girlfriend told the guy that he made her pregnant, his response to that is best reaction ever!

Sex-education is important, why? Because your kid can’t fall into some delusional trap. Well, this guy shared his story on the twitter when he was about to become a father. Twitter user KiranTheNomad also explains the importance of being wise and knowing something about a certain topic.

So, this guy actually shares his story when he was 12-year-old and had a girlfriend who told him that he made her pregnant. Without having some bad intention Kiran decided that they were going to keep the baby. Sweet, no? The only twist to this story is that they actually never had any intimacy and sex.

I won’t keep embedding the tweets to make this story longer for your guys, in fact, I’ll narrate the story and will embed some parts of his story from twitter.

The guy dad’s a Pastor and at that time the talk of vulgarity in the house was a sin, so he knew little about that taboo topic called mating with a woman. So, Kiran says that he was ugly in the high school. However, due to his British accent girls and people liked him.

So, someday he ended up pulling the BADDEST girl in the 7th girl. She was of a great build and had hair dumb long. Kiran, being a foreigner had a chance with the girl so she became his girlfriend. Theys started to date like holding hands in the hallway.

One day, Kiran attended the maths class and the girl was crying hard. Being a boyfriend he asked, “Who hurt you bae?” The answer was, “I’ll tell you later.”

So, they met afterward and it happened.

The utmost thing which Kiran had done to her was holding her hands. He even hadn’t kissed the girl ever but still, the guy was too nice to reject becoming a father. So he decided to keep the baby, thinking that it was his own baby. He said, “We gonna get thru this.”

So he got back home and decided to tell the entire story to his mother. The dialogue was like, Mom: How was school? Son: my girl pregnant.

The hell broke!

Mom asked one question, “Did you ever have sex?” , The guy was like, why did she ask such a stupid question.

So Kiran’s mom called the school and next day a parent-teacher meeting was held. Girl’s family and Kiran’s family both were there the next-day. Kiran announced the pregnancy.

Turns out that after the meeting, the same question was repeated by Kiran’s Mom, asking about the sex. To which Kiran’s reply was, “Looking at his mom and wondering, why does she keep asking something like this?”

The girl mom had a reaction too! Read the below tweet:

And it turns out that the guy wasn’t Kiran who actually made the girl pregnant. Kiran’s mom later explained to him about the sex. It turns out he had never touched the girl in that way.

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