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This female-duo is looking for a third partner & has raunchy offer on table

Nothing beats a profile with honest descriptions for anyone visiting it for the first time. These Tinder profiles are one of those where people are too direct about their needs. They actually know the reason for their existence on the Tinder. The instructions for swiping right or left are pretty damn clear, “if you like this arrangement then come’on we are ready and if you don’t then please go ahead!

The bargain is too direct and it is making us confused whether to feel offended or to praise these girls for their offer. “Two for the swipe of 1,” it’s kind of funny but cringe-worthy as well.

Now, it’s unclear if they are really serious or this is a way to root out people who are interested in such arrangements, either way, we aren’t interested. There are other people like this couple who get onto Tinder for similar passions.

Alright, now this is a second weird offer which is likely to be rejected. There might be certain people who may like this offer and would like to give up to urges. People are free to describe themselves honestly and this is what these people are doing which is indeed a good thing, everyone has his own preference when it comes to dating. There is one good thing about these profiles, the people involved are not lying, they are direct with their needs.

Just when the weirdness was not over, a dude shared the profile of a girl who wanted to be a gateway to her mom.

This is another awkward arrangement, what this girl wants to communicate is quite cringe-worthy and totally based on neglect. If her mother needs someone then she should have made a profile of her own with her own interests. Well, your dose of weirdness might just be over, because we’re done writing on such profile.

Our suggestion? Don’t act like these people, stay honest like these people but don’t be weird. These people deserve super-like. Don’t be a slave to your own desires!

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