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This ‘Ghetto Chick’ dating profile offers anything for sake of money

This might be the right kind of strange which you’ll ever view in your entire dating career. The ‘Right Kind of Strange‘ is a confusing term, I know, What might be the right kind of strange? “Something which completes all the requirements of cringe and strangeness is the right kind of strange.’

This profile is actually the right kind of strange. One of the guys who was using Tinder came across this profile and he put allegations on the rest of profiles he ever got matches on Tinder. Now, what is the blame? The guy says, “I came across profiles like this all the time from the area where I live at the moment.‘ Looks like he resides in some sort of ghetto, the chicks are damn okay with their appearance and their level of satisfaction is the nadir.

The girl is not available for dating, then what’s the point of making a profile on Tinder and then forcing people to face the cringe? Sadly people like her exist, but it’s all okay if she’s kind of fine with such a behaviour and presentation. The last line is though hilarious and the attempt to make her display picture a meme is not ignored as well.

The last line shows that this girl can do pretty much anything for sake of money. “I’m ugly and broke and to your surprise, you’ll find me dumb too!” Woah, this line is the best pickup line I ever came across, I mean who is going to fall for it? The kind expressions which this girl is giving are also strange and making her look a complete ghetto chick.

Will you prefer to swipe right? Or left on this particular profile? What are your opinions, can you roast this girl in one line? Let us know in comments.

One thought on “This ‘Ghetto Chick’ dating profile offers anything for sake of money”

  1. Richard Rott says:

    It seems like she’d make more money using her teeth as a can opener.

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