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This is how a LONELY, Depressed student TURNED into a ‘Confident Adult Star’

Getting a degree and choosing your profession as an adult star seems like an odd combination, but not for Jade. She studied fashion to achieve her life ambition but oddly enough, she found stability as an adult actress.

Jade, 25, would have been working at the fashion industry if things had gone as she planned. Being in the fashion industry was her dream since she was a little kid. She studied fashion at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom and remained determined for many years to seize her goal.

She graduated back in 2015, and found job satisfaction but in an area where many people would not expect. Her stage name is ‘Carly-Rae’ and she is a full time adult star.

This profession seems like an odd pick for an educated woman like her but she told that she had job satisfaction in her profession which she could never have found in fashion. At the end of the day, that is what matter the most to her.

Jade during a BBC documentary

She said that she loves her job and feels empowered. She also told that she was brought up in a conservative family and this is a sort of ‘rebellion’ as she says it. She said that she was also abused at the age of 16 – these two things resulted in the career choice Jade finds satisfaction in.

She said that she was living hand to mouth after graduating and sold her first explicit picture online as it was suggested by a guy online. She received $130 dollars straight away in her bank account, which went on every week. She used to spend that money on shopping which made her happy. It was a matter of time that she was asked for an adult movie by a website, to which she happily agreed.

She insists that her work-field has given her sense of self-worth and pulled her out of depression. She said that she was proud of her choices and could not have been more grateful.

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