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This robotic girl called Samantha “which has brain and can tell jokes” goes on sale in UK for £3,500

Technology is changing with time, now look at this robotic girl called Samantha which goes on sale in the UK for $3,500. The founder of this robotic girl has put artificial intelligence inside its brain. It can respond to the sense of touch and can also develop emotional attachment for the buyer.

Erotic retailers Vibez Adult Boutique in Aylesford, Kent, is one of the two shops in the UK which are currently selling this robot for both pleasure and emotional purposes. These robots can switch between the family mode and the NSFW mode. Getting the robots close to the reality had always been a problem but thanks to the advancement in AI that this is partially achievable now.

In the family mode, this robot can talk about philosophy and history. She’ll also be able to give facts and talk to the others. She is currently charged with USB cable. The company has created around 30 dolls for worldwide sale and they are also working on creating a male doll.

The artificial intelligence stuff is mind-blowing. She has a brain and can interact with you and even learns from people.” said Tracey the part of the project.

It’s also targeted to the consumers who are married and don’t want to add the jealousy element with a third partner. These dolls are particularly popular with the people who feel lonely and need someone for companionship.

Vibez has currently got only one doll for sale and the numbers might add up in coming weeks.

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