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This Twitter ‘Rap Battle’ between Wendy’s and Wingstop is not something you’ll like to miss

Wendy’s indulges in a rap battle with Wingstop and surely scored a higher score as determined by its popularity of rap tweets among the Twitter users. Wendy’s is a popular American fast food chain while Windstop offers a variety of flavoured wings. Both of these food giants are successful in their own main domains of food serving.

Brands battle on Social Media is not something common to happen. Then comes a battle with rhythm, a rap battle, that is quite unlikely to happen. BMW bashing Audi through rap and that too live on Twitter, is a dream battle for a lot of gearheads. Don’t go anywhere, Wendy’s and Wingstop has done that already. We’ll like to share that with you, just keep reading the article.

The folks behind the official accounts of Wendy’s and Wingstop went for a showdown and it’s quite hilarious to miss. This epic showdown was brief but still worth millions. Wingstop mocked Wendy’s for their use of frozen burgers. Wendy’s response was rather confident, “Sit Down, be Humble” – @wendys 5:03 pm, 2 Oct.

That kiss emoticon in the end kind of showed their least care for Wingstop. Mocking the Wingstop try to fly the food chain business, Wendy’s stepped up their game. Wingstop response to this rap is as below:

Wingstop accused Wendy’s of not being better since the diners save Wendy’s as a second option, but Wendy’s came right at Wingstop with a response, “They eat us now, they eat us later.”

The last tweet of the rap battle is posted by Wingstop and Wendy’s decided to put their case to rest. “You’re a queen of retweets with no soul, We’re king of flavour and everything else for that matter. You talk good game but it’s all chatter.” – @wingstop – 3:01 PM October 2.

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