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Tinder date ruined as girl gets stuck in toilet’s window retrieving her own thrown away poop

Well, this girl just ruined her date after rescue services were called to help her get free from the toilet’s window. This specific Tinder date went viral on the internet as the photos of the stuck girl were published online. Your first date wasn’t a crap, there is more to the story. Keep on reading if you want to feel better about your first date.

Liam Smyth launched a go fund me campaign in order to get his window worth $357 replaced in the rented apartment. The story starts when Smyth took his Tinder date to the Nando’s. It’s a restaurant in Bristol. Smyth later took the date back to his apartment where they chilled for a while.

His date wanted to use the toilet. So, she went into his apartment’s toilet but some time later got back to him worried. She told him that she took the dump but unfortunately the flush wasn’t working well. So she wrapped the poop in tissue and threw it out of the window.

Unfortunately, the window wasn’t a direct opening to the outside garden. There was some open space between the two windows, the window of the toilet and another window parallel to it. The second window opened in the garden but due to the darkness outside Smyth’s date had no clue about what had happened.

So, she told the whole happening to her date. Both of them went back in the toilet, they tried to retrieve the lost poop. Some times later, Smyth’s date an amateur gymnast tried to retrieve the poop from the top. The window opened from the top. They successfully retrieved the poop wrapped in tissue. His date handed it back to him.

The bad thing happened when she couldn’t get out of the window despite Smyth’s utmost efforts.

The poor couple called the fire rescue and then took 15 minutes to ruin the entire window and rescue the girl.

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