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Tinder profile against the Trump supporters is straight to the point with clear demands

Tinder profiles which are straight to the point in describing the date are quite rare to get matched. This Tinder profile on contrary is quite straight to the point. The girl has described her personality in simple lines and she has made clear boundaries when it comes to dating and preferences. She has described her demands quite clearly for anyone prior to starting the chat option after getting matched.

Any person getting matched with this girl might consider her a fun person.

Damn, she has made a boundary for the people who have a thing for Trump. I don’t understand the logic behind barring Trump from the dating life. Trump has nothing to do with the dating life of common people. Well, somebody please convey my message to this girl.

I know, the picture is quite small and you aren’t yet free with Tinder’s hunger. Anyway, I’m going to share another screenshot of a Tinder chat. You’ll enjoy this one because they are chatting in a strange manner.

Short of pickup lines? let’s share another Tinder conversation. This guy is quite used to be sitting in the grey area and then playing his cards right. He knows the importance of patience. Well, he might make you learn some good pick up lines which can brighten up your dating life.

Now, I guess the Tinder dose was enough and you are satisfied with all the puns and jokes. Well, this is what Hard Comedy is all about, The crap, featuring the crap. Whoops!

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