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Trans Girl calls herself ‘super mentally ill’ & finds date while already in a relationship

These profiles often give me a sort of pain in the head because it’s hard to understand the reason behind such offers while attempting to find a potential partner. There is a dedicated cringe community on some websites where a lot of such profiles which seek a partner for a relationship are featured highlighting the cringe-worthy points in their description of the profile. There are some serious profiles present on Tinder, it’s not like that most of the people are present their only for mala fide reasons.

A guy came across this weird profile of a trans-girl who claims to be super mentally ill and shows quite a lot of red flags. She happens to be already in a relationship with another person but wants to seek another person for sake of some fun and relationship. The description is really weird and direct to the point. Now, the guy who came across this profile decided to screenshot the entire description and share it on the Reddit.

The last requirement is a question in itself, the girl seeks someone looking for benefits merely and she doesn’t want anyone who has some sort of affiliation or sweet spot for the President Trump. This entire description doesn’t fit completely into mind on the first go, I had to read it again and again in order to believe what my eyes and mind were trying to comprehend.

The comments for this particular profile are hilarious and are worth getting embedded her in this blog.  People were confused that which girl in the profile picture of this profile is actually seeking a man for a relationship or fwb arrangement.

There were people in the comment section who actually praised the girls for being open about themselves. More of them were sarcastic comments like, “We’re happy that they revealed themselves to be mentally-ill.” The next comment was genuine, “Are they related or something? Clones?

Anyway! This is one weird profile and I would never think to interact with it, or may be anyone else would love to? Who knows!

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