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Transgender activist slams men who don’t sleep with men ‘who look like women’

This entire gender neutral thing has started to take a start a few years back. There are some parents who are not declaring the gender of their kids. They feel like their kids will decide their own gender in the future when they will have enough understanding of the society and the prevalent laws. This might seem like a weird thing to a lot of people but apparently, this freedom of expression thing has taken quite a lot of toll.

The activists are trying hard to force laws so that they may use the bathrooms without any gender discrimination and like similar, trans-people are trying hard to find ways to get this entire gender difference thing diminished in important areas of life.  The next move which is quite in action nowadays is to force people to talk using the preferred trans-genders noun, well this might be a good thing or bad, we can’t comment.

What’s next can we expect? that is the real question. Hard Comedy always tries to feature the most attractive news.

This trans-activist tries to spread some awareness in the men. She is of the opinion that men have an issue getting into a relationship with a trans-person which must be worked around because that is simply not an excuse to be accepted.

This activist/blogger issued a long chain of tweets asking her followers on Twitter to forget about any difference in the gender. She slammed the men all around the globe and announced that private parts are merely a piece of flesh which must not be considered while getting into any relationship.

In other words, this activist wants people to get into a relationship without taking into consideration the gender of the people.  The blogger calls a man prejudice if he isn’t willing to enter into a relationship just because the other person involved is trans.

The above tweets are taken from a screenshot made from the Twitter account of this activist.

I also don’t believe the blanket claim of ‘straight men don’t want to be with someone who has a d***!” – the blogger/activist quoted some hard stats but without citing any proper reference of the research.

And the tweets kept on coming with some people expressing their hatred while the other showing some love to the activist. She projected her point for all the men to read and understand.

She named it as a sort of disease, the people who don’t want to get into a relationship with a trans-person, according to her, are suffering from transphobia which she declared as a so-called term.

She further added, “All the private parts are a mere piece of flesh, it’s not a problem for men to get over it.” Well, there is more to the rant of this activist but we can merely keep up with her up to this point, rest the conversation might get more controversial and we don’t want our audience to get a slight feeling that we’re too obscene at Hard Comedy. There are other tweets on the account of this activist which simply can’t be embedded on this website.

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