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Transgender Woman finds love of her life after ‘HE rejected herself as MAN’

A trans woman has now opened up about her strange love with her boyfriend. She had a crush on him and was rejected when she approached him as a man.

According to her, he fell in love with her after she embraced her true identity as a female.

Erin Anderson, 22, from Owensboro, Kentucky, was born as a boy named Aaron.

She said she always felt uncomfortable in her body and thought that she was put in the wrong body as she use to wear high heels of her mother as early as she was only 3 years old.

She had a crush on her current boyfriend Jared Norris when she was 18 on Facebook, but said ‘ he was having no part of it’.

After two years she came out expressed her true identity. Then after seven months of hormone replacement therapy, Jared, 28, got in touch with her through Instagram and something sparked between them.

It has been two years since their relationship started by it is still strong. They have been receiving death threats from internet trolls and yet nothing was able to hinder their love for each other.

It’s been two years of hormone replacement therapy for Erim, she underwent breast augmentation and now hoping to have gender reassignment surgery.

Erin says she is happy as of current stage because her boyfriend is indifferent about the surgery.

‘She wants to look more feminine, but to me she already looks beautiful,’ Jared said of his girlfriend’s desire to have sex reassignment surgery.

‘I understand it’s not about me but at present we couldn’t afford surgery for her to become fully female.

‘I will still love her exactly the same, she is still the same person regardless, I think she looks feminine enough, but understand gender dysphoria is a big thing.

‘I love the fact that she is willing to be herself even with the ramifications of that, I’m glad she can put herself out there.’

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