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Transgender Wrestler, wins ‘Texas Girls’ high school title

An 18yo transgender boy has won the Texas Girls’ division title second time in a row. The victory has gotten mixed reactions from the spectators.

Mack Beggs has defeated Chelsea Sanchez on Saturday at a tournament in Cypress, Texas. He’s a senior at Euless Trinity School near Dallas. Beggs entered the tournament with an undefeated 32-0 record and he beat 3 females wrestlers for earning his way to the championship.

Beggs had urged the committee to allow him to wrestle in the boy’s division but the strict rules of the school made him fight in the girl’s division in accordance with the gender mentioned on his school admission certificate. Beggs is undergoing a transition.

The steroid usage of Beggs to help her transform into a complete male stirred debate in the community. People became wary of his ongoing steroid treatment while participating in the wrestle competition with the girls, the treatment includes low dose of testosterone. Beggs had repeatedly said that he wanted to wrestle the boys.

This year I wanted to prove a point that anyone can do anything. Even though I was put in this position, even though I didn’t want to be put in this position, even though I wanted to wrestle the guys, I still had to wrestle the girls,” Beggs said. “But what can I tell people? I can tell the state Legislature to change the policy, but I can’t tell them to change it right now. All I can hope for is that they come to their [senses] and realize this is stupid and we should change the policies to conform to other people in my position. (Credits: US News)

Beggs declined all the allegations and said that winning a wrestling competition is all about technique. The people vilified him because of his gender transformation needs of steroid and criticized him for ‘beating up girls,’ due to which she responded.

Beggs want to come to the top when it’s any competition in wrestling. She’s highly motivated and committed regarding her career in wrestling. She said, “No matter who you put in front of me, I am the champion.

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