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Tumblr-girl says that women a naturally attracted to women, men attraction is a social construct

Tumblr has some deeply hidden secrets and surely this is one of those, it got posted by a girl and made its way to the viral archive of the internet. Tumblr is a sort of blogging website where every user is given a separate URL and one can actually reblog the content posted by other users.

This girl posted on Tumblr about the violation of a natural norm. She said that women are naturally attracted to women and they aren’t meant to be attracted to the men. Getting attracted to men is more like a social construct. Something which was created artificially by the humans.

The post got several reshares and comments.

The following comment actually made to the top and was also made by another woman on Tumblr.

I am a woman and i have only been attracted to men the times that i have felt attracted to a woman was when i was guilt tripped and felt sorry for her! – littlemisscancer

It got posted on Twitter and the users gave many scientific and natural explanations calling the OP a total stupid. Well, we at Hard Comedy don’t condemn the OP, we are a mere means of providing the information.

Someone at Twitter retweeted the idea with comments that all the natural fuss about reproduction and other things is a lie and this Tumblr post is the mere truth. I think he was getting sarcastic, it’s obvious.

Do you agree with this insane idea? Or you can actually give one reason to justify this? I’m sure finding the accurate reason is hard, but may be someone among our fans at Hard Comedy might be able to make a sense out of this Tumblr post.

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