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Tumblr gives perfect response to people who claim Disney is ‘whitewashed’

Every day the internet comes up with new ideologies and theories. These ideologies can be so stupid sometimes to cause a headache to the reader. Well, during the midnight I mostly tell myself, “Enough of the Internet” today.

Diversity is an important thing and almost everyone in this world is different from the rest. It’s the diversity which makes everything beautiful and worthy. If everyone in this world would have been same then it would be a huge issue, suppose you need to get some electricity stuff done, definitely, you are going to need an electrician. If you are unable to find some electrician all around the city then that is going to be a huge problem. So, diversity in a sense is a huge thing.

Hollywood is often blamed for whitewashing every character. Disney us a bit different on the other hand and they often make sure to include a character of every race in their production. Their fairy tales often feature characters having features belonging to the other lands from all around the globe.

It was not the mere explanation of the entire character colouring scheme. There were other people who jumped into the thread and tried to explain the diversity from their own point of view.

The people related the area of the story where it took place and the requirement of the character for having the facial features similar in nature to the people of that area as a type of basic requirement which the designers had to fulfil. Now, if something happens in China then that doesn’t mean in order to show diversity the central character of the story must look like some American.

The other explanation came regarding the Cinderella. The person behind all these different explanations is surely a genius because he didn’t waste a minute to throw some practical light on all these characters and their basic requirements which made them what they are today!

The next reasoning is for the Aurora. The character is quite old but there is a certain logic behind the appearance of the character and the designer of this figure had to think before choosing the colours and body type.

Some people might wonder that why they didn’t design Ariel to look like African-American, Chinese or American? Well, they had to go with the Danish appearance because the story belongs to Danish region. The Ariel is often found to be favourite for many people.

Belle, a lot of us know this character but mostly don’t know that the story takes place in France. The French people are white that is why the designer had to keep that on consideration. Every minute detail is quite important for the story. If the designer fails to create a connection with the society then the character doesn’t feel real.

The next character explained by Tumblr user was Jasmine. The first argument was that she isn’t white, she doesn’t have light hair and also her eyes are not light.

The personal favourite of the person who explained all these things is the next character. Pocahontas, which got explained by the person as brown and has nice Indian features.

The next featured character was Mulan whom the person explained as a Chinese character. Now, the main point of this poster was to prove that Disney was not all about racism infact it was more about showing diversity.

The character posted above is Tiana, The person wrote, “She made a lot of ground as being the first black Disney Princess. She was from New Orleans. She’s American. This movie was based in the 1920’s. They did her right as she was a waitress.

He further featured, Punzy and Princess Merida and gave the proper reasons for the choice of their skin color by the Disney designers.

He further explained Merida. His point of view was so liked by the users that they instantly started praising the person behind the Tumblr account trying to explain the reasons behind the skin colour of various characters.

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