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Twin teen posts about world not being perfect cos of no acceptance for incest & same-gender couple

Every day I come across stupid posts on Instagram and I can do nothing but to feel cringe. This post liked by a lot of people on Instagram made its way to the cringe archive of Reddit and currently faces a backlash. Somone thinks that the world isn’t perfect for not welcoming incest and same-gender marriage.

Well, calling the world not perfect for something like this isn’t welcomed. Today, the rainbow community has more laws than ever but one has to wait for the time when the Lannisters dilemma becomes widely accepted. There was a time when certain things were considered a taboo but today there are a lot of things made subjective. A beggar asking for money is termed as kind of okayish now because he might be suffering from something. The bottom line of things are often not being decided now and the decision is being left on the situation. Men are okay to leave the masculinity for some reason. The males of my generation were quite fine to do hunting stuff but they wore woman fashion.

This girl, on the other hand, takes the cringe to a new level.

I don’t understand what makes her think that love for a twin is related to these malicious things like incest and having both husband and wife. The love of sharing the same womb is more sacred than these stupid things. Calling the world imperfect because of your own stupidity is a whole new art. The problem with the world is that stupid people are full of confidence and the wise people are now confused.

You can beat a stupid in an argument!

The Backlash glimpse

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