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Twitch streamer mistakes guy for an uber driver, he mistakes her for an escort

A lot of you might be aware of this highly used service named Twitch but for those who don’t know, allow me to brief shortly. Twitch is a live streaming service where anyone can signup and stream himself to the world. There are a lot of Twitch celebrities who became quite famous among the common people. There are games too who live stream their game-play for the PC gaming enthusiasts.

People make money using Twitch through affiliate earning, video ads and donations. One can go online on Twitch using a mobile phone camera or through PC.

This Twitch streamer was coming back from somewhere and was online. She had ordered an uber to get back home. The followers of her stream were able to watch her live. Now, booking an uber can be sometimes confusing if the person isn’t paying much attention. So, she mistook a dude in the car to be an Uber driver.

She casually opened the door of the car and went inside, pulled off the strap of seat-belt. The guy started to ask random questions, like her place of living and her name. This streamer named Caroline Burt became a little confused as never before any driver had asked such blunt questions.

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Finally, she made the right question, “Are you an Uber driver?” …. Silence!

The answer was a big no, and she instantly became worried and asked him to stop the car and turned off her live stream. Watch the video below and then I’ll explain what exactly had happened in there!

The guy mistook her to be an escort, he thought that she was a working girl looking for some customers but the reality was somewhat different. That’s why he got conscious about the live streaming thing but still he was kind of okay with it, it looked like atleast, and who wouldn’t be okay with it, the girl and model is definitely pretty.

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