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Twitter users post 10 differences b/w teachers in High School & College, these are hilariously accurate

A high school teacher is different than the college teacher. To this, a lot can relate and college graduates can remember their golden period of life. Twitter users recently gave a lot of differences between the college and high school teachers, we made sure to select the 10 best differences and present it to our audience. Get ready to have goosebumps as we are going to take you to a fairy ride into the past.

Difference #1:

A high school teacher is strict with the rules and doesn’t want to miss the class, on the other hand, a college professor is a chill.

Difference #2:

A high school teacher mostly is least sharing, on the other hand, a college professor knows you’re mature so he shares a lot of stuff, even negative.

Difference #3:

In high school, using a smartphone can be considered as a sin, and the teacher doesn’t want to to use one. Though a college professor is cool with you adding him at Facebook.

Difference #4:

Credit game is quite strong in the college but in high school, that’s a different story.

Difference #5:

Surprise quizzes are a thing in college, but in high school ignoring quizzes is a crime. Though, missing quizzes in college isn’t something that harmful.

Difference #6:

Oh! yes who remembers that essay lenghth which couldn’t be compromised in high school? On the other hand college essays were chill as f*ck.

Difference #7:

Oh, yes, college professors are cool enough to have memes in the slides.

Difference #8:

Someone thinks college professors are busier than the high school ones and the high school teachers stick to the schedule.

Difference #9:

No second chance in the high school, prepare for the college kids.

Difference #10:

Well, we aren’t associated with any political opinion, but hey this is funny!

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