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Two guys used their dead friends ashes as fishing bait and caught the worlds biggest Carp

Two dudes managed to catch a monster carp merely using their best friend’s ash as fish food. Looks like the dead friend ash attracted this huge achievement.

Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale were supposed to go on a fishing trip with their best friend but he tragically died of cancer. These two dudes decided to tribute their best friend a huge fish. So they took his ashes and turned it into a fish bait. The bait turned out to be a helping hand in a legendary catch.

Mr. Hopper from Hull, East Yorkshire was given some weeks to live after being diagnosed with an acute form of liver cancer. They were meant to go to Thailand for a holiday, but sadly the marine engineer lost his battle to cancer. It was him before dying who told his friends to use his ashes as a fish bait.

The guy told his friends to mix his ashes with some fish bait and use it as a new mixture. The widow scattered half of the ashes to the beach in Grenada, the rest half was given to the friends.

The three friends during a fishing trip in 2015

The two friends after catching the biggest fish in the lake told media that they felt quite spiritual. They kind of felt that Ron was there and it was him who actually helped them score such a big fish. Cliff Dale added, ‘After we caught this fish I looked to the heavens and said “thank you, Ron”.’

The bait with ashes

Below they can be seen pictured with the biggest fish they caught in the lake. Surely, they would have put a lot of force while rolling back the fishing cord.

The huge fish they caught using the bait of ashes which they named after Ron and Ronnie

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