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Vegetarian rants about salad served with chicken but eats steamed crabs with mom

The logic behind this rant is barely understandable. This guy promotes himself as an imperturbable vegetarian but then he goes through a caprice because of some restaurant which served him meat over a Caeser Salad. It’s worth noting that the guy in his rant declared the meet as chicken, however, a Caeser Salad has anchovy topping and that is an optional choice.

When you ask for a Caeser salad and then you get lettuce with a dead animal on the top,” the exact words of the guy starting off his rant. The guy asserts about not eating a dead animal even if offered millions of dollars. However, reading his Instagram rant makes us sure that he’ll consider the exchange for a second.

Vegetarian Rants!

Above everything, he justified eating a steamed crab only because of his mother. He calls it as an exception but since the same situation didn’t apply to him while he visited this restaurant without his mother, so he decided to post a rant.

Readout those last lines, he called those who eat meat as brainwashed species. He ranted about people eating parasites which wouldn’t help them in years to come. The arguments which this guy gave during his rant are totally absurd and that’s why we thought to feature him in this article. It’s awkward to know that people like him exist if he didn’t like the salad then he could have asked the staff to replace it.

Posting a picture of salad is fine too but that much to write in the caption with stupid arguments is more like an unhealthy activity.

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