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Veteran receives the WORLD’s FIRST implant for Manhood’s Revival

The world’s first complete scrotum transplant has taken place on a United States veteran, who lost both of his legs and genitals after setting a foot on an IED in Afghanistan.

It took a team of 9 plastic surgeons 2 urological surgeons for the surgery, who carried out the surgery for 14 long hours on March 26 at John Hopkins.

This team of great people has already done the country’s first bilateral arms transplant also on another veteran.

The donor was a deceased person, from whom an entire manhood, scrotum, and a part of the abdominal wall was taken. However, the donor’s testicles were surgically removed to avoid the risk of the veteran having the donor’s babies — the decision was purely from an ethical point of view.

It was a complicated surgery which also required transplantation of donor’s muscles, skin, nerves, tendons, bone and blood vessels.

Team after Success!

The surgeons opted for this procedure instead of the prosthetic implant to avoid the high infection risk.

The veteran decided not to share his identity, he already had a urethra and specific set of blood vessels, which are required for the above-mentioned transplant.

The young man is expected to regain all urinary and sexual function in a matter of few months or years.

‘It’s a real mind-boggling injury to suffer, it is not an easy one to accept,’ the patient said.

‘When I first woke up, I felt finally more normal… [with] a level of confidence as well. Confidence… like finally I’m okay now.’

After a complete recovery from the surgery, it is expected that he will be discharged this week from the hospital.

There have been two manhoods transplant prior to this in the world; one was unsuccessful which took place in China back in 2006, and a second one was done in 2016 in South Africa on a young man of 24, he even fathered a child of his own.

But this is the first surgery where the whole portion of manhood and scrotum was transplanted.

This happened despite the fact that he was told by a military doctor that there was no way back in 2012.

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