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Viral bullied kid’s mom & family faces backlash after getting exposed as racist

The recently turned Social Media sensation whose video got millions of views in a matter of hours might have a strange family history, and this isn’t our claim but merely a summary of speculations made by the internet. The internet can be a strange place, this kid named Keaton Jones went viral after his weeping video over some bullies emerged online.

Cutting the long story short, if you have used the internet and especially social media then you already know about this kid, but in case if you were busy in some apocalypse-survival then just know that the following video of the kid went viral just because he was weeping over some people who bullied him back at school for his looks.

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The Hollywood celebrities started showing support for the kid. Twitter got flooded with support tweets urging the kid to stay strong. The person shooting the video of the kid through his mobile phone happened to be his mom. Currently, the internet is getting angry at his mom for supporting some controversial stuff on her Facebook profile.

A GoFundMe campaign was also set up by some person which raised more than $50k dollars in a small period of time, for what reason? We don’t know! The internet thinks that it was his mother who created that GoFundMe campaign. Reports say that it has been halted at moment.

The internet dug up the Social Media profiles of his mother, they found that she has something for the Confederate flag. They found an old post on her Social Media profile where she protested about slavery.

The photos of her holding the flag have also emerged online and the people are not liking her for the association with it.

One other picture which emerged online showed an interesting thing, Keaton could be seen holding a US flag with another kid was holding a Confederate flag. They were accompanying more kids in the picture. The internet isn’t happy with these pictures.

Another controversy took a birth when MMA Boxer Joe Schilling claimed about talking to Keaton’s mom. He said that his mom asked him to share the GoFundMe account for sake of some Christmas money being a single mom.

Later it turned out that the account was fake and someone was pretending to be Keaton Jones mother in order to earn some quick bucks. The person behind that fake account asked Joe Schilling to share the GoFundMe while pretending to be Keaton’s mother.

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