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Wannabe “Sugar Daddy” emails multiple girls at once and gets called out

Poor man! tries to score some girls by sending them a quality promising email but turns out that he sent out a single email to a bunch of girls. The email is definitely worth reading and anyone with a good sense of humour will enjoy the entire email conversation.

Technology has definitely taken quite huge a leap and now everyone can send his message to anyone in the world without taking into consideration the distance involved between the two people. The social media has reduced the distance, even more, it doesn’t even require one person to know the email address of another person. The message through social media can be propagated quite easily.

The phrase, “I’m ready to make you my sugar baby” actually made me laugh and the next idea of spoiling all the girls using money is kind of more intriguing. There are enough red flags in the first email and the biggest of them all is the collective emailing list. It’s not clear if the old man purposely did something like this or he forgot to send an email separately to every girl.

One of the girls actually replied the old man with a good answer but unfortunately, he tried to overcome it with a stupid argument. The replies coloured in pink are from the old man. Every different colour other than blue defines the girls.

The other girl told the old man that she could see all of the recipients of the email which were all the girls he tried to score. The old man realised his mistake and he snapped, started to acquire a hostile attitude.

Well, it was a hilarious mistake. Definitely, all the girls tackled the old man on a good page. A lot of recipients might have ignored the old man totally.

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