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Welder messes up his interview after sending a wrong message to employer about drugs delivery

I like this guy, he’s an over-achiever and certainly has lot of experience on board. He has connections too and looks like he’s a good addon for any company which believes in enjoyment after some work. A fun guy to have in the company especially welding at the top of towers with a chill attitude.

This interviewer went to the Reddit sharing about his newly screened candidate. After doing the initial thing as most employers do, he opted to talk to him through SMS. The guy told him that he’s the first graduate in his family after 3 generations. This guy 21-year-old told him that he worked not because he got provided with it, but he worked just because he loved doing so.

Looks promising, right on the spot and a good worker seems to be getting aboard soon!

Above is the screenshot of the conversation which the interviewer had with the candidate. The climber is actually the title of the position for which he’s applying. His job was to weld at the top of the towers. Literally!

Though, some hours later, another set of messages is received in the interviewer mobile phone. These messages made him laugh and pretty much turned the situation into the trash.

Damn, the situation took a 180 degrees turn. The guy made a mistake of sending the message to the wrong inbox. He was doing some side delivery stuff, like delivering some drug stuff.


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