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‘What’s wrong with today’s society” – Artist illustrates with 10+ thought provoking drawings

Nothing is perfect in today’s world and that is the case with every age of time. One can only strive for the best and hope to accurately place his efforts the rest is determined by the destiny. Efforts play a big role and so does a character. Personality traits are preferred a lot in today’s world, however, the literature should focus on the character traits.

Character traits if pursued will make this world a better place and will also ensure the existence of personality traits like confidence, cleanliness etc. This artist did something similar. Al-Margen has created some thought-provoking illustrations. These illustrations point out the negativity prevailing in today’s society.

Students forced to get free of their creativity:

Students Loans:

The Dual Reality:

Advertisements and their role in life:

The heart is empty and is taken, I guess!

A successful married life means sharing:

The war of brands:

The desk job:

Removing the brain and feeding with unnecessary stuff:

This is easy to interpret, so I’ll leave this on you!

Only having the masses and fame in mind!

Music, Music and Music!

The art of proxy wars!

A herd and one thoughtful person! Everyone following the herd!

The hypocrisy a real ordeal!

Man prisoned in the economy!

Money kind of buying everything!

Animals are at real threat, but humans don’t care!

Charging the mind!

Everyone wants to be dangerously thin!

The crushing pressure on the child:

This is though little debatable, the children must be given all these things but they shouldn’t be burdened.

The parents fighting and the child is getting disturbed!

A fight inside, smoking!

Media and its role!

It’d be wrong to give these images a description, like liberation these sketches are free. It depends on one’s freedom to interpret the meaning of these illustrations.

All credits go to, Al Margen Pagina

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