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White woman transforms into Black woman & posts it on Facebook, black people call it trashy

I have never seen such a transformation, a white woman getting converted into a black woman. Martina Big from European origin recently got converted into a black woman. She went through several medical procedures to darken her skin and enlarge her breasts. The black people feel objected by her new look.

The woman claims herself to be a model. She was once a flight attendant having a successful career. The woman now goes with the slogan, “Big is not big enough.” Wel, surely but not in the case of the breast. Th woman says that she found her true passion in the modeling. She’s mostly working in the United States. The woman says, “I have changed my appearance dramatically, literally from head to toe. The most striking change happened to my breasts. The special thing: I can enlarge my breasts, without further surgery. Currently, I wear the British bra size 32 (70) S.” as posted on her own website.

The woman went through the medical procedure of darkening her skin. She changes her appearance fundamentals and became more like African Americans. She changed her hair, eyes and eyebrows were darkened. She even went to the government in July 2017 and requested a new passport and ID card where she might be listed officially as Black. The woman even says that she loves her black look.

Recently, she posted her remarks on her new black look on Facebook.

The black community, on the other hand, didn’t like her gesture. They didn’t accept her into the community.

Just so if anyone wonders, how does she look before, then we have a picture from her career times. The times when she was a flight attendant and looked white.

Martina Big of Past

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