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Who Wants to be Millionaire: Wife ignored husband’s correct answer & lost $42,127 prize

Predictions are being made that a woman is going to be divorced by her husband because she ignored his right answer and lost $42,000 on a show called ‘WHO Wants to Be A Millionaire.’

Plucky Lynn Buckingham made her face dead-serious after she failed to answer a political question, despite being pointed to the right answer by her partner through a lifeline ‘Phone A Friend.’

When she crossed the $42,000 mark she shocked the fans with her remarkable general knowledge.

But it may be her luck, which ran out on the $87,000 question which was: ‘In 2016, who did Boris Johnson succeed as Foreign Secretary?’

She was given four options: Liam Fox, Philip Hammond, Kenneth Clarke and William Hague respectively.

She was unsure about the answer and tried seeking help from the show’s host Jeremy Clarkson, but he did not know the answer either.

So she decided to use a lifeline i.e. Phone A Friend, which means she could call anyone for help as the name suggest, she rang her husband Ian.

He knew the right answer but there was a little uncertainty, he said that the right answer might be Hammond but he was not 100 percent certain.

He told, ‘I think it’s Philip Hammond but I’m really not sure.’

However, she trusted her gut because of which she got to the point where she was stuck. She told that she did not think the answer would be Hammond because ‘he was a money man’ and then picked Hague as her final answer.

She was left in shock as she was told by the host that she lost $42,000. But fortunately she did get $1,400 prize money which is good and all, but it was shadowed under the sorrow of losing a huge amount of money. She was warned by the show’s host that her husband might not be happy with her and she should not go home.

Viewers of the episode shared the sorrow and disappointment for her loss on Twitter and all agreed that she was going to have a hard time talking to her husband about her loss. Some even suggested that Ian might divorce her.

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