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Wife dumps husband as she came across something similar on other girl’s Instagram

Don’t cheat guys as ultimately it is going to come up in front of you with an intent to payback, a thing which we call as Karma. However, there are still people who like to double cross others, now look at this married man and a woman who recently broke just because of cheating.

All thanks to the Instagram discover tag which made the wife realise that his husband was doing something fishy, and it took some good memory to understand the entire scenario which made her dump her husband without having a second thought in place. So, a furious wife has dumped her husband just because she saw the view from her bedroom on Instagram on some other girl profile. Now, that can happen accidentally too, but keep on reading to know how the story unfolds.

Yulia Agranovych, from Russia, discovered that her husband was cheating on her. One day she woke up and opened up her Instagram. Now like everyone residing in 21st Century she pressed the discover tab, there she came across some similar images. She came across a similar view from her bedroom on Instagram uploaded by another female Instagram user named, Vlada Abramovich.

When she went inside the profile of Vlada, she saw the pictures of her husband inside. She decided to confront the husband.

During the confrontation, the wife asked her husband about the picture of the girl in her bedroom, in her own house. The husband replied that he had invited friends to a party. The curious wife exclaimed and asked that a girl in such a dress in her bedroom, was a strange thing. The party must continue in the hall or somewhere else, not in her bedroom with drinks in her hands.

Vlada Abramovich, in her bedroom posing

Vlada soon locked her account after discovering the rant, but later she was found bragging on another social media about having a relationship with Yulia’s husband. She claimed that she’s doing something right while sleeping with some married man.

Yulia dumped her husband afterwards.

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