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Woman, 24, caught physically molesting underage boy as rescued from flood

A young woman has been caught physically assaulting a boy on a camping trip. The couple would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for a natural calamity and the rescue services. Rhiannon Scott, 24 of Wrexham, North Wales has now been jailed for two years at Mold Crown Court after she was found getting involved in the dirty business with a minor.

The woman had met the boy over the internet during the role play games. The relationship went ahead from the internet to the real life. Later, they decided to go camping at Afon Gwyrfai in Gwynedd. The couple had reached the site but got trapped for around 5 hours as the water level suddenly rose.

Rhiannon Scott, 24 years old of Wrexham, North Wales

Paramedics, firefighters and the air ambulance were released to perform the rescue operations. During the rescue, the authorities realised that something fishy was going on between the woman and the minor. They understood that something was wrong!

Scott has reportedly been suffering from mental health issues. She has been imprisoned after admitting to the two charges of assault committed against the minor on a pleasure trip. She also admitted to assaulting a child while making him watch a NSFW picture. The court heard that the boy had met the woman on Facebook. He was using social media since the age of 12. He began to get involved in the woman after both of them started enjoying a role-playing game involving different scenarios.

They started to chat on the messenger and later the woman offered him to become her boyfriend. They had never met in person at that point. Later, they exchanged explicit photographs of each other. They started meeting and one day they decided to leave for having a fun holiday. They pitched close to a river and when the water level rose they had to be rescued. The boy refused to co-operate with the police and every piece of information was acquired from the woman.

The defender told the court that the woman, Andrew Green was herself a vulnerable young woman having complex health history.

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