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Woman 6-month pregnant sells baby through advertisement in trade for dollars

An awkward advertisement of a woman in a group has emerged online which is kind of eerie and cringeworthy. The advertisement was initiated in a group and someone from that group took a screenshot of it to share it with the internet. The screenshot got shared on the Social Media site, Reddit. People made different comments on the woman and almost everyone was shocked at the stupid advertisement. They speculated that the woman was probably too drunk to think clearly with logical reasoning.


The advertisement read, “6 months pregnant, don’t want to keep it, willing to trade it for some dollars or drugs, the kid is guaranteed white and make serious offers.”

People became so angry on the advertisement that they started to make police complaints. CBSNews reported that after receiving the complaints the police is looking into the matter. According to Atlanta police, hundreds of people contacted them in order to find the true identity of the woman and the respective advertisement. The ad was made in a craigslist group.

The offer was found to be made by a woman named, Mary Jane Akunt. Later, police handed over the matter to Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They are trying to find out the truth behind the advertisement if it’s a fake offer or a real thing.

The Atlanta police updated the status regarding the ad sometime after receiving the complaints. They said that the ad is highly disturbing and suspicious but it hasn’t broken any law.

After that no updates have been made regarding the advertisement, the pic is still floating the social media and the profile of woman has gone empty. The users on Reddit requested the community if they could report it to CTS.

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