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Woman asking to ‘ban all men & replace with women’ faces strong backlash

Sometimes it’s easy to make a remark on the social media but quite difficult to contain it and restrict it from getting viral. Something similar happened to this lady having a verified account on Twitter. She made a tweet for men in some context but it went viral on the social media. The people of social media didn’t welcome the negativity packed inside the woman’s tweet. They responded to the tweet accordingly by giving negative remarks and pillorying it right in replies.

The stupid rant

The woman started to receive a strong backlash shortly after she posted this tweet on her account. According to the sources, she started getting mixed vibes, there were other women who started praising her for taking a negative initiative. Recently, we [Hard Comedy] came across this tweet but the woman has since deleted it on her account because she didn’t want to take a stand for what she claimed for all the men.

There are replies to the same tweet which are still rotating around on the twitter. These replies are a proof that this woman actually made such a tweet. We can call it a sort of hate crime.

A person who got angry enough to requote the tweet

There were other responses and almost everyone bashed the woman. We [Hard Comedy] don’t understand the reason behind such tweets, we believe that social media is an integral part of the society and revolutions can be brought through its usage. However, it must be used to provide positivity and love, hatred can yield nothing but more chaos.

Another outraged Tweet!

There are a hell lot of replies to the tweet which was made by this woman, we will surely not embed every reply, a thing of hate can only be diminished with love.  So, let’s talk about positive side, men and women are both equal in every aspect but there are certain requirements which are different for men and different for the women. So, both these genders must understand to respect their differences. If they were 100% same then physically and psychologically there wouldn’t be any difference kept by the nature between the two, so it’s a fact worth understanding.

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