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Woman awarded $180,000 after cops spent 11 mins prodding her ‘body-cavity’ for Drugs

This is the kind of news which is eerie and can easily fire up the racism card. The woman in question was an Afro-American and she has been awarded $180,000 as a result of the damages which incurred to her after getting prodded by police during a drug search.

Charneisha Corley explains it was like a physical assault done on purpose for molestation

The dashboard cameras of the police revealed a shocking incident when the Ms Corley was assaulted on the highway. The people in Housten area were shocked when the footage went online because of the transparency act.

College student Charneisha Corley was handcuffed in a parking lot. She was pushed to her knees and her head was jammed to the ground near her car. The legs of the woman were forcefully pried apart as the female deputies searched her sensitive-parts of the body for possible drugs inclosure. The dirty ordeal lasted for more than 11 minutes. The woman described this experience as self-undermining and subverting to the rights which constitution gives to a common citizen.

Body Cam Footage!

Later, a civil right lawsuit was placed against the County Police. Deputies claimed that they never forced the woman to remove her clothes as her clothes fell off on their own. The payout resulted in a 185,000 dollars, must have been coming from tax-money. Harris County Precinct one Commissioner Rodney Ellis said,

On behalf of myself and the County and the taxpayers in Harris County, I want to say to Miss Corley, I apologize and it really was unfortunate. It was outrageous. I have three daughters, one who is about her age and if that happened to my daughter I’d use all the resources I could muster to try and get justice and send a signal out. Now how the County ended up settling it for this mere pittance, I don’t know

A community activist made some alternative comments against the verdict, he said,

I think the powers that be are going to say to themselves, if we can do that, something so egregious as se***lly assaulting a young woman on the side of the road, who did not deserve that, if we can do that and avoid prosecution and pay crumbs in a settlement, well why should we be concerned or be afraid of anything?

The officers believe that the settlement shows that such kind of forceful behaviour isn’t welcomed by the police, the jurisdiction and enacted laws work for the protection of body politic. Ms Corley has decided to stay silent about the settlement for the moment.

Video Courtesy: fox35orlando

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