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Woman blames poor dating life on paw print tattoos on breast, of her ‘Dead Dog’

Just think one more time before getting that tattoo in your most sensitive place because in future you can change your mind and then you will have to go through another painful experience of getting that tattoo removed. So back in 2007 when this girl was 18 years old she got paw prints tattoos on the breast. Adele was very much attached to their family dog named Max.

After getting the tattoos she thought that she’d love them forever. When she was 18 years old the max had just turned 8 which is the average life expectancy of his breed. So some days later he died and then in his remembrance she decided to get large Paw print tattoos on the chest.

She then went to a local tattoo store and got what she decided. She spent more than an hour to perfect the tattoo design and got the tracing for around £100. The nan was the only one who told her that she wanted her tattoos to go off. She was the only one who was against those tattoos at that time.

Adele, on the other hand, was quite happy with her decision as you can see her quite happy in the below picture.

Tattoos were supposed to give a reminder of her beloved dog every second. Adele remembering good old days told that whenever she used to go to the university and everyone noticed her tattoos she became quite have happy. She further added that she was in a buzz of freshers and she was always showing off her tattoos.

But those awkward feeling started to pour in when people started to make stupid remarks about her tattoos. She started to receive negative comments. She even bullied when people started calling her by names. She then started to dislike her tattoos. Even in summer, she started to wear high neck tops in order to forget about her tattoos.

She at once started to hate those tattoos being a part of her personality. In an interview, she said that she started hating her outlook. She lost confidence and she started to believe that her failed dating life was because of those tattoos.

She’s getting laser treatment to get her tattoos removed. The laser breaks tattoo inks into small particles which are then consumed by the body immune system and taken away.

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