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Woman charged after she attacks her husband for forgetting her ANNIVERSARY

Carol Stone, 35, might have been expecting a surprise anniversary bash or might be going crazy over the wait or at least a “Happy anniversary, honey!” from her husband. But all hell broke loose when he forgot to acknowledge their anniversary. She was arrested by the Pasco County Deputies on Wednesday. The charges against her are of domestic battery and a misdemeanor.

Ronnie William Alexander, her husband told that she became furious when he admitted to forgetting the anniversary of their marriage, which lead to an argument. Things got out of hands when she started beating him on the head and face, which left bruises and red marks on his face.

Ronnie came home late with a rose in his hand, he said that he had planned to rent a hotel room to celebrate their anniversary.

The husband had recorded all of the incidents on his mobile phone which he later gave to the deputies.

Carol Stone admitted to hitting her husband because he forgot their anniversary.

According to the deputies, she pushed her husband, he fell on the floor and then she flipped and started hitting him over and over again.

Both of them have a 3-month-old baby boy together, and it is not clear at the moment how long they have been together.

The case is pending before a judge who has ordered Stone to have no contact with Ronnie, her husband, whatsoever.

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