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Woman cooks endangered animals for earning money on YouTube, gets arrested

A mother-of-one was taken in to custody after she recorded herself roasting and eating animals which are declared as ‘endangered species’ for earning money through her YouTube channel.

Ah Lin Tuch recorded and uploaded a video of endangered large lizard, fishing cat, and various protect bird species, along with her husband Phoun Raty. She is self-proclaimed survivalist on her YouTube channel.

She is resident of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, her home is located near the jungle where she recorded videos for her YouTube channel. In several videos, she can be seen eating a king cobra, shark, stingray and frogs.

When she uploaded the video, it sparked an outrage among the people who saw it and immediately reported her to the authorities. To use endangered animals for monetary purposes in beyond exploitation, according to one commenter.

On Wednesday a manhunt of the couple was started by the country’s Ministry of Environment and they were taken in the very next day and issued an apology for ‘destroying our wildlife.’

General Directorate of the Wildlife Protection Chea Sam Arng said: ‘The animals that were cooked were mostly not on the endangered list, but are protected. Only one species was in danger of extinction.’

The couple has since taken down the videos of all the animals that are declared endangered but the videos of other animals are still up i.e. frogs, cobra, shark, and a stingray.

In a joint statement, the couple said that they bought the animals from a local market and cooked it. If their claim is true, then it is even more troublesome, because animal listed in the protected category are being sold in the market.

However, the officials have stated that investigations are being carried out regarding their claims i.e. if they bought the animal from the illegal stalls or actually caught it from the wild.

Ah Lin told: ‘I don’t even know what kind of animals or birds we used or their impact on wildlife conservation.’

‘I bought the wildlife at Preak Phnov and we started filming our videos since December. Now I have already admitted my mistake.’

Her husband told that they earned about $500 from videos regarding the endangered animals.

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