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Woman cooks ‘Valentine’s Day Pancakes’ using ‘Mouth’ blending ingredients

Like Seriously? Who is about to eat such an awkward pancake made by a lady who calls it all romantic? Dude, the world has gone mad, this was quite a stupid thing to watch on the internet and later feature it onto our own website as a way to make everyone learn a lesson, “Don’t be so stupid, this isn’t romantic, this is pure disaster.

The video got published on YouTube a few hours back and there were people weird enough to demand the author of the video to make another video featuring Lasagna Recipe. I believe that she is about to go viral because the internet is itself a weird place, it gives a lot of attention to people who do something stupid and in the wake, the internet participants make him a whole lot famous. There are many examples of such incidents, like WoahVicky and Danielle Bregoli are the top ones which come in the mind.

First we start off with a beetroot

The chef started with a beetroot and she literally chewed the beetroot and then took it out from her mouth in order to gain that so-called healthy finally chopped beetroot ready to be sued for pancakes.

A blend of flour and baking powder

The eerie video goes ahead into more murky future, she puts flour, baking powder and milk down her natural chewer and then starts to make a fine mixture of the three in order to be used for the pancakes. Yikes! Above all she calls it a romantic pancake.

The final product poured with love from mouth on frypan

The final product doesn’t seem that bad but if anyone has seen the procedure used to make it up, probably he’s going to have a bad time consuming the end product. Do you want me to embed the video, Cooking with mouth? Well, Viewer decretion is advised, don’t report us or make negative comments because we’re merely reporting it not in a way endorsing the procedure to be adapted or anything else being done related to the video.

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