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Woman takes a dump in the middle of the store and poor guy accidentally steps on the hot turd

Stepping on a hot turd? Well yes, that’s the unluckiest thing I ever saw someone doing. I took a dump in the morning and I feel as relaxed as drinking some beer. The lady probably hadn’t taken a dump while leaving home early in the morning.


She went to a store in order to shop the daily need grocery. As she enters the store she gets into the frame of a CCTV camera which the security guys are watching keenly to avoid any mishap or accident.

Lady takes some steps quickly after entering the store. Soon after this activity, another activity comes into the eyes of the security guys watching the CCTV camera footage, and yes that’s “Taking a dump accidentally in the middle of a store while walking.

The lady leaves her last remains on the floor of the store and some other dude enters into the store just after the lady. Guess what happens?

Shit! Dammit

The other guy steps on the hot turd left by the innocent lady who herself was in a hurry to find a toilet. I guess, this story hasn’t gotten much poopy, apologies.

Oh, we’ve a video of the incident, pure poop, whhooops:

The commentary made by the security guys is quite hilarious. Every single update is given to the viewers even if the video is a bit pixelated. The lady was already holding her clothes, looked like she was in trouble long before she found the store.


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