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Woman films the moment as man appears to spike her drink

A FESTIVAL GOER girl was taking a selfie in a huge crowd where she caught a scary moment accidentally. Scary because a guy in the selfie seems to be putting something in her drink.

Kristal Santos, the blonde girl, was recording herself and a friend showing some dance move at a crowded party in Espcardo do Lago, Brazil, when a guy put something in her drink, before sneaking away.

Although it is unclear what the substance was, which was put by a guy in black t-shirt and sunglasses during that part which took place on Easter Weekend.

Santos has since spoken to warn everyone to be careful while going to such parties.

Here is the translated version of her Spanish Instagram Post:

“I thank everyone at heart for the messages of concern! I like parties, I like to drink (sometimes even more).”

She added: “Once again I will explain here to those who are still worried… I did not drink anything from that cup because it was at the end of the party and the glass was already empty.

“Nothing happened to me. Yes I’m glad the video is resonating in a positive way, as an alert for everyone to take more care of their glasses, including me.

“I bet just like my mother, the mother f everyone has warned a thousand times to take care of their glasses, I thought she exaggerated!

“Lol… but it’s no exaggeration, because we always think that with us it will never happen.

“But the truth is it can happen anytime and anywhere.”

The video was later shared by her friend, Jeda Sky, to the Twitter where it went viral and has already been liked more than 200k times.

She issued a warning by telling her Twitter followers: “Ladies watch your drinks!”

She added: “I’ll never understand how a dude can… feel the need to be such a disgusting predator.”

The commentators also seemed frustrated.

“Wow… the drink can literally be in my own hand and I’ll still get roofied,” said Maya.

“A felony literally caught on camera,” wrote a concerned Jacob.

And Gisela Estrada said: “Man this why I don’t go out.”

The victim was saved due to her luck but it aspires more attention to such things.

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