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Woman gets out of car window celebrating with no clothes on & passes away after accident

A quick celebration and then death is the moral of this video. A woman was celebrating her jubilant moments when she met an accident and passed away this temporary world in a matter of seconds. The video emerged online which was being filmed by the driver of the car. The driver surely got a little carried away while the woman was celebrating her happiness as she removed her clothes.

Natalia Borodina, 35-year-old, from Moscow, Russia, took off her upper body clothes and went out of the car window. The shocking video which emerged online shows the mother of one hanging out of the car with a wide smile before she got hit by a pole.

The video was recorded on a highway near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. The video was recorded by Ms Borodina’s friend Ivanna Boirachuk, a 32-year-old man who was believed to be driving the car.

The girl hanging out of the window

The mother of one playfully put her finger inside her mouth and within seconds the video shows impact. The shocking video shows a fun loving woman who got killed after an impact as she leans out of the car window on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

We can’t embed the video here because of the NSFW nature, also we have to abide by the community rules. If you want to watch the video then visit the LiveLeak website and search it with “Accident in Punta Cana Dominican Republic“. Even there you’ll have to accept that you are over 18 to watch the video. The picture embedded above shows a snap of the video.

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