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Woman incredibly goes from size 28 to a size TWO after force HALVING her body

A 380lbs woman who was suffering from obesity went under the knife and got a gastric bypass surgery. As a result of that, she has dropped half of her body. She has recently shown her model-like physique.

Thaya Pacheco Barboza, 24, who is from Juiz de Fora, Brazil, started gaining weights since she was five years old and when she got her teen she started eating junk food.

Because there are huge numbers of empty calories in junk food, she gained weight rapidly and when she was in her late teens, the only clothes that fit her were size 28.

She lost her grandma to a heart disease and her mom also suffered a heart attack, all which left her in shock. At the age of 18 she decided to change her life, she needed to lose weight for that change to happen.

Due to sheer will, the fashion designer now weighs 129lbs and wears a size 2-4. She was forced to have a surgery.

In most of the cases, losing this much weight can lead to loose skin. She was also faced with such problem after the gastric bypass and had to pay $2,391 to remove the excess skin.

Before the surgery!

With her new found body, she is into fitness now. Prior to the weight loss journey she never exercised but now she works out six days a week.

She has switched from junk food to eating clean. According to her, her weight loss was not due to her size, she was quite comfortable in her skin even at that time but what pushed her for a chance was her mother’s health scare.

‘I started to get fat when I was five but I never had a problem with it because I was really young so I was used to it. Obviously, I didn’t like my body, but it was normal for me,’ Thayna said.

After Surgery!

‘I think every dream for a fat person is to become skinny so I didn’t like to be fat but I also didn’t put too much effort into it.’

She added ‘I always liked to eat real food. Of course, I used to eat fast food and junk food but most of the time my problem was dairy food. If I could, I would have lunch for every meal of the day.’

Now she is getting used to her new body and is doing anything in her power to get rid of the loose skin.

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