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Woman makes false ‘Gang Assault’ story & escapes officers after truth reveals

This is one hell of a story, I don’t understand the reason behind women making up false stories. The truth is like justice, if served without any alteration then it has a value otherwise it’s merely like some garbled unworthy story. This woman tried to make up a false gang assault story and when she presented it to the police officers they had some sympathy for the woman. However, later the truth gets revealed and she then attempts to escape the prison.

Eventually, the woman gets caught and trialled for being an obstruction in the path of the justice.  Muskegon County, MI – The woman made up her fake story which involved kidnapping and gang assault i-e molestation. She is now headed to the prison after her truth got revealed and she tried to escape the officers.

Leiha Ann-Sue Artman, a 27-year-old woman, was sentenced on Jan 4 for four years because she lied to the police and pretended to be a victim. The woman told the court that addiction was the reason she violated justice many times, in fact she carried out multiple probation violations.

I don’t want to die before I reach 30 – said the woman during her hearing at which she was sentenced for 4 years

In March 2016 the woman called the police and told them that she had endured torture from four men. She told the police that these men abducted her from her home and later used her body for torture, both physical and mental. However, later the woman admitted to making up a false story and she was sent to the residential jail alternative program.

Later she carried out repeated parole violations due to which she was sent to the jail on Oct. 10, where she was taken to the Mercy Health’s Hackley Campus. It’s reported that the woman allegedly tried to escape the emergency room to earn her freedom from the police. However, the officer chased the woman and detained her quickly.

Ms. Leiha Ann-Sue Artman was transported from the Muskegon County Jail to Hackley Hospital based upon information provided by her indicating that she may have been molested prior to arriving at the jail – County Chief Assistant Prosecutor told MLive/Muskegon Chronicle.

Artman has conducted various violations. She told the police that she needed help and her life needed to get back on track. Artman had gone missing from the KPEP residential program on Oct. 1 and the very next day her arrest warrant was issued. She was then brought back to the jail.

She had been earlier in the “Swift and Sure” intensive probation program however she kept on doing repeated violations. On June 20 she used alcohol and cocaine on two separate occasions.

The boyfriend of Artman was involved in the story, he showed police the pictures and demand of hush money from some unknown number for his girlfriend safety after she got abducted. Some kind of ransome was being asked along with the pictures of the bleeding Artman.

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